Packmate 2pc Volume Vacuum Compressed Space Saver Storage Bags (L, XL, Jumbo)

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  • Industrial strength material - Will not tear, moths, moisture, odour and dust are locked out. Items will return to their original shape when removed.
  • The Space Saver Bags Reduces up to 75% in size - Volume can be reduced by up to 75% to triple your storage space.
  • Easy to use - With a one way valve system and any standard vacuum cleaner or air pump can be used.
  • Every bag is printed with an attractive leaf design. 
  • Unlike flat vacuum bag storage these bags compress to a cube shape making them the perfect storage bag for use with storage boxes or chests. 
  • Double the storage of a flat vacuum bag, and up to 8 times the storage volume of a normal storage bag of the same size. 
  • Reduce the storage space you need using these high quality volume vacuum storage bags
  • Perfect For Long Term Storage, RV, Camping, Holidays and Traveling
  • 5 year guarantee - All of our Packmate products receive a 5 year guarantee.

Choose your set from the drop down box above

Set of 2 x Large:  50cm x 85cm 
Set of 2 x Extra Large: 60cm x 90cm 
Set of 2 x Jumbo:  90cm x 110cm

Size Guide

Large: 50cm x 85cm 
Ideal for Single Duvet/Comforters, blacket, Pillows, Cushions ,Jumpers, Fleeces, Baby Clothes etc
Extra Large: 60cm x 90cm 

Ideal for Double Duvet/Comforters, Blanket, Large Cusions, Winter & Outdoor Clothes, Jackets, Soft Toys etc
Jumbo: 90cm x 110cm

Ideal for Queen or King Size Duvet/Comforters, Blankets, Bedspreads Large Winter & Outdoor Clothes, Large Jackets etc