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Pack Mate 5pc Small Home & Travel Roll Bag ( S )

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Make one of least enjoyable aspects of travelling a little bit easier with the Pack Mate Travel Roll Storage Bags. This innovative product allows you to save space, protect your clothes and get more into your luggage with no vacuum required. Simply pack your belongings into the bag, zip it shut and roll the bag up. At this point the Q2 roll valve, which uses cutting edge valve technology from Japan, drives the air out of the bag as you roll, compressing your belongings into a more compact, convenient shape.

These bags tick every box because they are easy to use, the contents are visible when packed, the multilayer material is tough, waterproof and closes with a double seal zip ensuring a strong and positive closure
every time.

This original space-saving storage bag lets you roll the air out through the patented one-way valve and create up to 4 times more space in luggage, wardrobes and cupboards.
  • Ideal for travel and home storage
  • No vacuum required
  • Protects contents from dirt, damp & insects
  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • These are the Original manufactured by "Pack-Mate" Guaranteed for 5 years.
  • New Double Filament Valve to compress the contents of the roll bag.  
  • Perfect for clothing, towels and toiletries and for getting more into your carry on luggage.
  • Beware of inferior imitations
(25x38cm / approx. 10" x 15")