PackMate 6 piece Bumper Space Saving Clothes Vacuum Storage Bags

Pack Mate

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A bumper pack of 6 bags 3 x Vacuuum Bags + 3 x Roll Bags (Non Vacuum)
  •  Now with the new Q2 Valve Technology - Even easier to use!
  • Original Pack Mate VacuSac Compression Bags Set of 3 by Pack-Mate
  • Pack-Mate VacuSac - Space-making bags which really work with a UNIQUE 5 year guarantee
  • Perfect for storing large items like duvets, blankets and seasonal clothing.
  • The VacuSac is designed to accommodate all sizes of domestic vacuum nozzle.
  • Ideal for home storage creates 4 times more space
  • Wider opening for easier filling
  • Protects from dust, pests & damp
  • Big space-making bags for big storage problems.
  • Ideal for closet, garage or under-bed storage.
  • Reduces bulky duvets, pillows, sweaters and seasonal clothing to just inches
  • Attaches to your vacuum cleaner which sucks out the air
  • Guaranteed for 5 years - No quibble swap policy
  • Airtight, Watertight, Easy to Use
  • Now with Q2 Valve Technology Q2 is the latest valve from Japan. Simply position the vacuum compress and remove simple and easy!
Vacuum Storage Bags:
1 x Large Vacuum Bag (55cm x 80cm),
1 x Extra Large Vacuum Bag (70cm x 105cm),
1 x Jumbo Vacuum Bag (90cm x 110cm)
Size Guide (Vacuum Bags):
Large:  Ideal for Single Duvet/Comforters, blacket, Pillows, Cushions ,Jumpers, Fleeces, Baby Clothes etc
Extra Large: Ideal for  Double Duvet/Comforters, Blanket, Large Cusions, Winter & Outdoor Clothes, Jackets, Soft Toys etc
Jumbo: Ideal for Queen or King Size Duvet/Comforters, Blankets, Bedspreads Large Winter & Outdoor Clothes, Large Jackets etc
Roll Bags:
1 x Small Roll Bag (25cm x 38cm).
1 x Medium Roll Bag (40cm x 50cm) 
1 x Large Roll Bag (50cm x 70cm)
The original space-saving storage bag lets you roll the air out through the patented one-way valve and create up to 4 times more space in luggage, wardrobes and cupboards.  
No vacuum required
Protects contents from dirt, damp & insects
Guaranteed for 5 years
These are the Original manufactured by "Pack-Mate" Guaranteed for 5 years.
New Double Filament Valve to compress the contents of the roll bag. 

Size Guidance:
Small - suitable for a single jumper or fleece, also great for “smalls”
Medium - for shirts, sweaters, tee-shirts etc, carry-on case size
Large - suitable for pillows, cushions, fleeces etc, suitcase size