Original Pack Mate VacuSac Pack of 6 (2L 2XL 2J) Flat Vacuum Compressed Space Saver Storage Bags

Pack Mate

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  • Perfect For Long Term Storage, RV, Camping, Holidays and Traveling
  • Easy to use Vacuum Space Bags
  • Get More Space Out of Your Closet and drawers Save 3X the space Store anywhere and do not worry about smells, insects or odours
  • Jumbo Size bags make sure you can fully pack to the brim. Add bulky blankets, pillows, puffy jackets. The Patented double zipper makes sure you can fill and no air leaks out
  • Thick bags, not flimsy and do not rip easily
  • Vacuum Space Bags you can EXPECT quality
  • 2 Large Flat Vacuum Storage Bags (55 x 80cm), 2 Extra Large (70 x 105cm), 2 Jumbo - Store away your duvets, bed sheets, towels, blankets, bulky clothes and more
  • Industrial strength material - Will not tear, moths, moisture, odour and dust are locked out. Items will return to their original shape when removed
  • The Space Saver Bags Reduce up to 75% in size - Volume can be reduced by up to 75% to triple your storage space. Compresses to a flat bag which can be easily stored in a drawer, cupboard or under the bed
  • Easy to use - With a one way valve system and any standard vacuum cleaner or air pump can be used
  • 5 year guarantee - All of our Packmate products receive a 5 year guarantee